flirting jokes

  • Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. “Yes” is the answer.
  • Kissing is like drinking salted water: You drink, and your thirst increases.
  • I'm about to take a hot shower. That's like a normal shower, but with me in it.
  • Why is Santa Claus always happy? He knows where all the bad girls live.
  • Stalking is when two people go for a long romantic walk together but only one of them knows it.
  • If you don't sin, Jesus died for nothing!
  • My body is a temple. Do you want to come over for midnight mass?
  • I put the un in predictable.
  • You can always talk to me. I just can't guarantee I'll be listening.
  • I'm running out of people to disappoint.
  • The next time there's an awkward silence, try whispering, "Did you forget your line?"
  • Girls' names are like passwords. Get it wrong; access denied.
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