political jokes

  • I have one small problem...
  • Plans after Crimea? Well, Alaska used to be part of Russia...
  • Come as you are!
  • There are two rules for success... 1. Never reveal everything.
  • "Nationality?" "Russian." "Occupation?" "No, just visiting..."
  • I hate pain, unless it's French
  • Ronnie Biggs managed two things in his life; to rob people and to become hero. The same as most politicians desire.
  • First rule of gun safety: Don't piss me off.
  • If marijuana is ever legalized... I can't wait to see what the commercials will look like.
  • The IRS calls it a 1040 Form because for every 50 dollars you make, you get 10 and they get 40.
  • What do you call a lawyer who's gone bad? Senator.
  • The Pope has Resigned... Like a true Catholic he pulled out early
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